Eat The Rich

Hudson County Art Supply has served the Jersey City arts community for the past 15 years. Aside from being the only independent art supply store in the area, the facade of the shop has hosted murals by artists such as Ron English, LNY, Mata Ruda, Peter Bill, and more. Now, the shop’s largest wall features the words “Eat the Rich” written as raw meat floating in an innocuous blue sky. It is the building’s final mural and missive by local artists Sam Pullin and DISTORT.

At the end of September, Hudson County Art Supply, it’s owner John Mcinerney and manager Carlos Castillo will be displaced by the notorious real estate developer Peter Mocco. The building at 303 First Street will be torn down and replaced with yet another ‘luxury’ apartment complex. Hudson County Art Supply and the building’s resident owner will become the latest causalities in a gentrifying and homogenizing city.

 The cost of living in Jersey City’s downtown neighborhood has skyrocketed as the city grows to reflect the nation’s wealth disparities. Rousseau’s comment that “when the poor have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich” is increasingly relevant--a simultaneous caution to the owner-class and a call for the rest to resist. The medium of mural for this message is particularly appropriate, as real estate developers in Jersey City and elsewhere scramble for the cultural cache that public art provides.

 Hudson County Art Supply will be reopening at a new location at 469 Central Avenue in the Jersey City Heights neighborhood.

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