Rat Ball Creators

Sam Pullin

Sam Pullin is a multimedia rat/artist and Jersey City native. His work centers on the concepts of urban life, social decay, and the position of human beings/rats in the broader universe. He has shown extensively in the Greater NY Area, and was most recently an ESKFF artist in residence at Mana Contemporary. He once freed a trapped rat, giving it free reign over a liquor warehouse. More here.


Noah Tavlin

Noah Tavlin is a mixed media artist raised in Hoboken, now residing in Brooklyn. His work, primarily collage and painting, explores the absurd and anarchic joy in everyday life and objects.  He exhibits regularly in NY and NJ, as well as Canada and the UK. In 2018, his piece “Visions” was featured on a SaveArtSpace billboard in Brooklyn. He was a guest speaker and exhibitor at Kolaj Fest 2018 in New Orleans. One time, a rat got stuck in a cockroach glue trap and he had to kill it :'( More here.